Women's skis don't have to have compromised performance compared to men's skis - Hadley Hammer

Whether it’s setting bootpacks up Peruvian Massifs or rallying lift-laps at her home mountain of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Hadley is always keen. After years kicking around the Freeride World Tour, the Jackson native has become a mainstay in Teton Gravity Research films, thanks in large part to her ability to give ‘er, let things roast, and open the throttle. Because of that, Hadley needs skis that perform at the highest level without compromise.

Line Magic Fingers

Magic Finger Carbon Filaments

So when it came time to redesign the cult-favorite Pandora Collection, we knew precisely who to turn to for guidance. Because if we could make a ski that works for Hadley, we could make a women’s ski that works for any and all women skiers. LINE started with the award-winning Sick Day construction – complete with Magic Finger Carbon Filaments™ – as a starting point and refined the shape from there. We continued to work with Hadley to develop a collection that let her do what she wants to do in the mountains. No compromises, no shortcuts. We’re pretty glad we did; the stoke is freakin’ through the roof with these skis.

Pandora 104

When it comes to deep pow, we’re offering up the LINE Pandora 104. With a ton of rocker, and a planning nose, it’s the ski designed for the all-time deep days. You know, the days when cold smoke billows over your shoulders and you’re wiping snow from your goggles every turn. But since it’s a versatile 104 underfoot, the Pandora 104 won’t suck when things get tracked out. Stable and light, this nimble whip can take you from the untracked to the blown out chop seamlessly.

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Pandora 104 Skis

Pandora 94

Not every day is a pow day. So why spend all of your time skittering around on oversized boards when something a touch narrower would work better? Enter the Pandora 94. This is the most versatile Pandora to date. Smooth Rocker in the tip, a large camber pocket, and a metric ton of edge grip, the Pandora 94 is that everyday ski you’ve been looking for. Whether there is six inches of fresh or a high pressure system has been parked over your home hill for weeks, the Pandora 94 will keep things interesting.

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Pandora 94 Skis

Pandora 84

Grip and rip…the hardpack. Look, there’s no reason to shy away from narrow skis. Sometimes all you wanna do is go fast and rail groomers. When that’s the case, the Pandora 84 is your ticket to ride. Tons of camber with just enough taper to avoid unwanted hookiness and a lightweight feel combine for a nimble and agile ski experience. Saddle up and rip – Time to own the hardpack.

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Pandora 84 Skis