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Over a decade deep and not slowing down, the LINE Traveling Circus is back yet again for another season of self-made skiing madness. With a typical cast of ski bums and odd balls, the Traveling Circus gets in the van once again and continues across the western expanses of North America. At this point, it’s far from uncharted territories for these guys, but if there’s anything to be learned from LTC, it’s that adventure and absurdity is all but hiding in plain sight. All you gotta do is keep your eyes open.

Episode. 11.1:
“No Looking Back”

Live 9/19

The crew goes on a Bogus adventure in Idaho en route to the annual LINE team shoot at Mission Ridge while LJ does another World’s First Ever trick on a down day. Hilarity and high level skiing ensues with Rob Heule, newcomer Taylor Lundquist, Jack Borland, Khai Krepela, Finland’s Kevin Salonius and friends.

Episode 11.2:
"The Trans Vanada Highway”

Live 11/6

The crew gets in the van and heads across the Trans-Canadian Highway in search of deep fresh pow...err rails, jibs and jumps. Getting an early start on Olympic Training pon de Calgary Olympic Park, boot packing upstairs at Revy and finally landed at Grouse for some dino jibbing and the like. Featuring WIll Wesson, Andy Parry, Rob Heule, Kevin Salonius, LJ Strenio and friends!

EP. 11.3:
“Rocky Start – Early Season in the Rockies”

Ahh the early season .. shaky legs, lost gear, anticipation and the hunt for white gold and PVC paradise to slide on. The TC crew descends on familiar territory in the canyons of the Beehive State (Utah, USA) in hopes of early season shenanigans. Being connoisseurs of the fine art of log, rock and tube sliding Will Wesson, Andy Parry and friends pillage every ounce of PVC they can find to once again, make something out of nothing.

Will Wesson

The rail technician, the quiet killer, the most frugal man in skiing. All of these could easily describe Will Wesson. From his early years in Meathead Films to criss-crossing the world in search of the most creative rail spots, Will continues to push his skiing in new directions, BLENDING (it’s a pun, duh) technical and creative skiing with signature quiet and understated style. Will helped found LTC with the goal of avoiding getting a real job. 11 years later, he somehow ended up with a full-time job – except that job is skiing.

Andy Parry

The Hype-Man. Andy Parry – that’s Parry with an A – honed his weirdness and propensity for Wizard tricks on the east coast before ultimately settling out west in the woods of Mt. Hood Oregon. It didn’t make him any more normal. Hands down the undisputed champ of Ski Slides and a variety of other insane rail maneuvers, Andy Parry can be found spreading stoke with the Tell A Friend Tour when he’s not putting down creative and absurd rail tricks and keeping the van entertained.

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